Persona 4 Golden Abridged - Episode 1

This abridged dub is something we've been planning for a while, and it's finally here! We hope you enjoy it!

A big thank you to all our lovely voice actors!

Ep #1 Cast:

Yu Narukami - FalseProof

Marie - KatieBVA

Yosuke Hanamura - Nateb64

Chie Satonaka - Pachiiharu

Teddie - JumJum

Yukiko Amagi - Krysdolly

Igor & Tanaka - 04Deoxys

Margaret - rflowers

Ryotaro Dojima - ProjectAlpha22

Nanako Dojima - salmonandsoup

Izanagi - DarkSpineNeos

Mr. Morooka - SonicKick

Gas Station Dude - Crystalisanguiem

Class Hype Man - MacksEff

Extra with Glasses - Fither

Gas Station Extra/Student - Ultima

Female Student - ScribbleSketchScoo

Laughing Student - NikFan

Male Student: MaximusTheMad

"Go Crazy" Student - BlueJay

intro music by android52